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Monday, 16 .January, 2006, 17:35 - English Entries, Travel, Photographs

There are some cities I cannot stop making photgraphs of. Vienna is one of them and I have been there during the last days. I am now on the train to Budapest and watch the snow covered landscape of the Austrian Burgenland passing by. As I have to watch the trees and fields carefully, my report of the last days will be rather short.

City Impressions

Votivkriche - 9th District

Christmas Lights at the Graben



On Friday I was initiated to the card game Tarock, that is mostly played in Austria. It has hundred times more rules and falvours than cards, but it's a lot of fun to play it, even when losing.

On Sunday afternoon friends and I vistited first the St. Marx Graveyard, which is an old Graveyard that is not used anymore since the 1870s. It is a very beautiful place to walk around and the writings on the gravestones are often funny to read nowadays. There is also an official Mozart grave. Mozart was buried in a mass-grave on that graveyard, but nobody knows where he really was placed there. So the official grave is just a fake, but nice to look at, if you like little angels.

Marx Graveyard - Entrance and Orientation

Graves at Marx Graveyard

The faked Grave of Mozart and the empty Grave of Josef Strauß

On the same day we also drove to Castle Laxenburg, which is south of Vienna. Lots of people were there, especially for ice skating on the frozen lake.

Castel Laxenburg, south of Vienna

And back from the castle we needed another walk along graves, so we went to the central graveyrad in Vienna, where also some famous people are buried. Of course also there is a Mozart monument.

Zentralfriedhof (Central Graveyard)

As always the hardes part was to leave Vienna. When driving in the taxi from the Hotel to Westbahnhof memories lurked between the buildings. I will be back, that's for sure.

P.S. If you want to see the above pictures in full-size, just click on them. I thought that this would be a simple user interface - but you never know ...

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