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Monday, 16 .January, 2006, 17:53 - English Entries, Music, Photographs

On Thursday the Mary Broadcast Band played in Cafe Carina (see also here)in Vienna. They play good and honest Blues and Rock sound, the singer has a great voice and some of their songs, especially the wild ones, make it impossible to sit on a chair - one has to move. Three of their slower songs can be found from their web page and I achieved to buy one of the few CDs they had available. It seems you cannot get the CD up till now in normal stores. Keep an eye (and both ears) on this band, they are really worth it.

Mary Broadcastband Concert in Cafe Carina, Vienna

Paparazzi at the Concert

This positive music event was tainted a little by the news that Alalie Lilt, another very good newcomer band from Vienna, has split recently. Their two albums belong to my favourites as the band had a very special sound, often sad and melancholic.

And yes, I know that the pictures are not best quality. As usual during a concert the lights were not made for taking pictures with a mobile phone camera. So apologies for the bad quality, I hope they nevertheless give you an impression of the evening.

And no, the person on the paparazzi pictures is not me. :)

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