Springtime in Pikku Huopalahti, Helsinki 
Tuesday, 11 .April, 2006, 18:17 - English Entries, Helsinki, Photographs

Whenever I go home with Bus line 14 from my work I come along Pikku Huopalahti and find the whole area simply beautiful. During the last summer I went there often by bike on the way to the office, but did not take any pictures. The sea sends some water to the little bay, which on one side has a lot of colorful houses, that are all beautifully shaped. The area gives a quiet and at the same time modern impression. And that although it is located inbetween two of the busiest Helsinki streets. Still some people in city center might regard this part already as an outskirt.

Architecture in Pikku Huopalahti, Helsinki

Architecture in Pikku Huopalahti, Helsinki Architecture in Pikku Huopalahti, Helsinki

The round McDonalds tower has it's own character, with the wodden structure in front of it, that is connected by a complex metal construction. Again modern without being pretentious or too flashy.

McDonalds Building, Pikku Hupalahti, Helsinki

McDonalds Building, Pikku Hupalahti, Helsinki McDonald Building, Helsinki Steel-Construction on the McDonalds Building, Helsinki

Still it is very cold these days, so I entered a bus at the next station instead of walking home. Taking the pictures took me less then 15 minutes. Huopalahti is one of the areas in Helsinki that shows that nature and modern architecture are very well integrated here and go peacefully side by side.

View over Pikku Huopalahti, Helsinki

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