Monday, 24 .July, 2006, 12:48 - English Entries, Photographs

One of the Trump Towers It has been now two weeks since my last entry. Too many things happen during this beautiful summer, so updating the blog is not really possible.

After being in Montreal, Canada for a week of work I went down to New York where I spent a week of holiday. The good thing about New York is, that everything intelligent about it has been said already hundreds of times and as I do not want to add something stupid to it, I can happily stay silent.

The weather in NY was extremely hot. I am not a friend of too high temperatures. 25 degress Celcius is the border, after which my mood starts to change. Now I am back in Finland since a week and here everything is perfect, besides my inability to adjust myself to the local timezone.

But no complaints - my holidays just started. This might lead to further silence on these pages for one or two weeks. Let's see.

So for the moment I go on wishing you a happy summer.

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