What would Brian Boitano do? 
Saturday, 07 .January, 2006, 15:29 - English Entries, Movies
Mmm-kay, due to my total lack of motivation to follow any TV series that forces me to sit in front of the screen at a certain time every week, I missed most of South Park. I think I never saw a complete episode.

Looks like Finland but is a quiet mountain town in the USA
(Picture linked from Wikipedia)

On Thursday night, Finish MTV3 showed South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut and as I was at home anyhow, I decided to watch it. Even more, I found out about the recording capability of the TV-software that runs on my computer, so I even recorded it. That was very wise.

I don't want to go into details about the movie - it was not made for being described, you really have to see it. But be prepared for the biggest collection of dirty language and the worst exploitation of prejudices, religious convictions and bigotry that ever was assembled. Also put some hankerchiefs next to you - at least I could not avoid the tears.

You will find out a lot of new things during this film, for example that there are grizzly bears (and also fair maidens) in the Alpes and who is "the biggest bitch of all" (this religous truth is known by a French kid, so one has to believe it). If you need more information on what's wrong with these German people, then you will find the shocking trutz here and finally you will learn how to find the clitoris, which is exceptionally useful in certain situations.

The movie is a musical and there are some very good songs in it. My absolute favourite is "What would Brian Boitano do", the sound is just great and I want to hear it again and again. But of course also "Uncle Fucker", "Blame Canada" and "Kyle's Mom a Bitch" are unforgettable jewels.

This movie has nothing in common with intelligence insulting comedies like "Meet the Fockers" or "Along came Polly", it is really rude and bad. And, as a bonus, it spoils your language. You have to fucking see it.
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