Antiquity - the Birth of Pop Art 
Monday, 09 .April, 2007, 10:03 - English Entries, Comics, History

The "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe" (Museum of Art and Trade) in Hamburg finally shatters all my dreams in a new exhibition on "Bunte Götter - Die farbenfrohe Welt der Alten Griechen" (Multicoloured Gods - The Colourful World of Old Greece), in which the buildings and statues from the age of Antiquity are shown with their reconstructed colours.

After reading (not yet seeing) Frank Millers graphic novel "300", I was sure that the guys from Sparta looked like he depicted them: brown-pastel shades with red being the only statement that could be made in this great time.

Now, after this exhibition, can anyone imagine the staging of a Greece tragedy in such costumes? Does anyone want to see Oedipus, cutting out his eyes, in a turquoise robe with light yellow spots? Was there any way to avoid the take-over of this culture by the Romans and later on by the Barbarians, who for sure were dressed in proper grey and earth-coloured stuff?

Ah, that's the downfall of Western civilization.


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Wednesday, 11 .April, 2007, 00:44
Naw, it´s not the downfall of western civilization, it´s the colourful (sometimes amusing) reality of life and it somehow underlines that cruelity can be as colourful as bees and flowers can be.

Thanx for this wonderful weird impression!

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